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Helicopter GROUND SUPPORT SERVICES are charged every day we are are working on your job including travel days to and from your job.

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The Helicopter must be RE-FUELED every Two hours, OR flown to an Airport for Fuel.

In order to provide an ECONOMICAL and COST EFFICIENT Service we always dispatch a FUEL/SERVICE TRUCK with DRIVER/MECHANIC to RE-FUEL, SERVICE and MAINTAIN each Helicopter "in the Field." The COST of GROUND SUPPORT SERVICES is in ADDITION to the COST of our Helicopter Service. Please scroll down to see the Rates and Terms.

Ground Support RATES & TERMS     PAGE

The Mechanic/Driver in our FUEL/SERVICE TRUCKS maintains Radio Communications with the Pilot in the Helicopter to Coordinate Re-Fueling Sites and to provide Flight Following Services as Required by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA).

With Ground Support Services, the Helicopter can provide 25 Hours of service before the FUEL/SERVICE TRUCK must return to an airport for more fuel.

Ground Support RATES & TERMS     PAGE

On jobs requiring an OVERNIGHT STAY we charge an additional $2.50 per mile to dispatch a Second FUEL/SERVICE TRUCK to pull the camp trailer to the job. We normally charge $5.00 per mile for the primary fuel service truck to pull the Helicopter Trailer to the Job.

RATES and TERMS are NEGOTIABLE on Long Term Contracts.

Ground Support RATES & TERMS     PAGE

While Camping Out at your Job Site, we can provide "On Site" OVERNIGHT SECURITY watch for YOUR EQUIPMENT at No Cost.

As part of our Service Contract, when we are Camping Out at your Job Site, we require an Electrical Hook Up to your generator, at No Cost to us, if you are running one.

When Trailering the Helicopter to your job, we pull the Helicopter Trailer with our Ford F-550 Fuel Truck as described on our Helicopter Trailering Page, AND we pull the Camp Trailer with our Ford Ford F-450 Fuel Truck.

Therefore, in most cases we charge the customer Service Truck Mileage for BOTH Service Trucks.       These Terms are NEGOTIABLE on Long Term Contracts.

Summary of our "Ground Support" RATES & TERMS

RATES & TERMS are NEGOTIABLE on Long Term Contracts

Service/Fuel Truck(s) "Milage Charge": $2.50 per Highway Mile.
HELICOPTER TRAILERING:    AVAILABLE ONLY for Jobs Located 200+ Air Miles from Vernal, Utah with a Job Guarantee of 40+ Hours of Helicopter Service. $5.00 per Highway Mile.
Service/Fuel Truck Driver/Helicopter Mechanic: $40.00 per Hour, 8-Hour Daily Minimum  ($320 a Day).
JOBS requiring OVERNIGHT STAYS are 12-Hour Daily Minimum for the Mechanic,   including travel days to and from your jobsite. $40.00 per Hour, 12-Hour Daily Minimum  ($480 a Day).
PER DIEM, Pilot & Mechanic: Includes travel days to and from your jobsite.   Per Diem is charged every day that operations are not based out of Vernal, UT.$100.00 per Man, per Day, ie: $200 Every Day of your "Period of Use".

  PAYMENT for our Services is DUE in 30 Days after each invoice is signed, unless otherwise Negotiated and Documented on our Helicopter Service Contract.

Our "MISSION STATEMENT" is to Provide


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