SAFE and DEPENDABLE Helicopter Services anywhere in the Western United States.

We can TRAILER our Helicopter to your Job Site, saving you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of HELICOPTER FLIGHT TIME to and from your job site.
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Our Helicopter is Wired for the

It requires approximately 30 minutes to Install the KODIAK Seismic Navigation Computer and the View Screen.   All of the other Kodiak Components are permanently  "Hard Wired"  in the helicopter.

The KODIAK NAVIGATION COMPUTER and the KODIAK NAVIGATION GYRO quickly mounts onto the Helicopter Engine Deck. This installation is approved via an FAA 337 form.

The KODIAK Navigation Computer and View Screen are normally provided by our customer which they rent from Kodiak Nav Solutions. Ltd of Calgary, Canada.

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The KODIAK View Screen and the KODIAK Keypad are mounted directly in front of the pilot.

Kodiak Seismic Navigation     PAGE

When a Cargo Hook Button is pressed, the location of the Drop Site is recorded on the Kodiak Navigation System and is indicated on the View Screen.

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