Seismic Bags may be deployed from the Main Staging or from Mini Staging sites closer to the Layout Crews.

Seismic Bag Deployment - 3 Hook Carousel     PAGE

Mini Staging Sites can be large Flatbed Trucks or Quad Trailers, generally set up within one mile of the Drop Site. This procedure saves Thousands of Dollars of Helicopter flight time to and from Main Staging which is often several miles from the Drop Site.

Mini Staging Sites work equally well for Seismic Bag Retrieval operations.

Seismic Bag Deployment - 3 Hook Carousel     PAGE

The Pins and Cones are deployed with the bags using the 3 - Hook Carousel. After the seismic equipment has been used and placed back in the bag, the Pin is inserted into the Bright Orange Cone for retrieval back to staging with the Rupert's Bag Runner

Seismic Bag Deployment - 3 Hook Carousel     PAGE

Button Number One deploys the bag on Hook Number One. Any one of the three bags can be deployed In Any Order as directed by the Staging Manager.

Seismic Bag Deployment - 3 Hook Carousel     PAGE

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