Providing Helicopter Service to:
SAFE and DEPENDABLE Helicopter Services anywhere
in the Western United States.

We can TRAILER our Helicopter to your Job Site, saving you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of HELICOPTER FLIGHT TIME to and from
your job site.

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Helicopter AIR TAXI Service

FAA part 135 Commercial AIR CARRIER Operations

Our helicopter's BUBBLE CABIN can seat TWO Full Size Passengers, and the Pilot who sits on the right side.

With BOTH PASSENGERS in the FRONT SEAT, as well as the PILOT, our Hiller UH-12E "Soloy Conversion" is a perfect OBSERVATION and PHOTO PLATFORM and Two Passenger Air Taxi Helicopter.

The  ROLLS-ROYCE, model 250, C20B TURBINE ENGINE produces 420 horsepower, providing a large SAFETY MARGIN  of  RESERVE POWER.

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Our Two Passenger Helicopter is perfect for transporting Archeologists, Biologists, Surveyors, and Seismic Teams into small remote landing sites.

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We have specialized in GOVERNMENT PASSENGER AIR TAXI for a variety of Operations including Animal Counts, Animal Control, and Animal Herding. We also provide Air Taxi Service for Public Land Use Officers conducting Oil and Gas Production Compliance Inspections, Range Studies, Aerial Raptor Surveys, and Wildlife Management Habitat Studies.

Customer air taxi to the high country.

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We accept the Solemn Responsibility of bringing our Passengers home SAFELY to their Families Every Day.

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Rugged Terrain and High Brush Landing zones are generally No Problem because of the High Tail Rotor Clearance of our Hiller Soloy Helicopter. With over 14,000 Hours Experience flying Hiller UH-12E Helicopters, pilot James Richards can SAFELY deploy and retrieve his passengers from Deep Canyons, High Mountains and Tight Landing Zones.

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Our Mission Statement is to provide
"The Finest Helicopter Air Taxi Service Money Can Buy!"

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UP UP and AWAY! Another Day of High Adventure!

A Mechanic and Ground Support Services are generally dispatched to support the helicopter in the field. Our government carded Fuel Truck provides high-quality Jet A Fuel for the helicopter in remote job locations.

Dynamic Aviation Helicopters has been providing Safe and Dependable Helicopter Service to Government Agencies since 1981.

Our enclosed Jet A Fuel Tank keeps the fuel delivery system clean, dry, and secure.

The Hiller Soloy Conversion Helicopter is comparable to the CJ5 Jeep with a 327 cubic inch engine! A very powerful, 2 passenger work horse of a helicopter.

The bubble cabin provides excellent visibility for 2 passengers and the pilot. It provides an excellent, "Platform" for Aerial Photo Operations.

Remote airtaxi service.

Grandsons, future pilots!

Winter time snow landings.

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