Wild Fire Rehab Service has teamed up with Dynamic Aviation - Helicopters to create a new business partnership. WILDFIRE REHAB HELICOPTER SERVICE

We have specialize in SEEDING and FERTILIZING burned and erosion prone soils, especially after Wildfires have destroyed the natural vegetation.

We have the experience and the equipment for wildfire rehabilitation. We specialize in broadcasting straw bails that have been certified weed free.

Fire rehabilitation camp.

This is a picture of the helicopter spreading seed over a burn area.

Helicopter spreading seed.

These bails of straw are at a camp site, they will be picked up by helicopter and delivered to the burn area.

Helicopter using long line to carry straw.

The helicopter uses a long line to carry straw.

Helicopter using long line to carry straw.

Straw can be carried from a camp site to the burn area.

Straw covering burned area.

Here you can see the yellow straw being used to stabilize the soil of a wildfire site.

Straw being readied for transport.

The straw is stored at a camp area where it can be picked up by helicopter.

Burned area and workers.

These are BLM rehab specialist and a Dynamic Aviation representative.

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