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Some of our customers we have worked for and the jobs we have accomplished are listed below. For references, we have the names and phone numbers of many of our customers you are welcome to call.

Seismic Exploration Companies

  1. CGG Veritas Land
  2. Tesla Exploration Ltd.
  3. Petroleum Geophysical Services (PGS) Onshore Inc.
  4. Polaris Explorers
  5. Dawson Geophysical
  6. Solid State Geophysical
  7. Quantum Geophysical
  8. Grant Geophysical
  9. Paragon Geophysical

Seismic Land Survey Companies

  1. Maverick Exploration
  2. HAFTA Seismic Land Survey
  3. Bear Paw Seismic Land Survey
  4. Wolf Survey and Mapping
  5. Uintah Land and Survey
  6. Pathfinder Navigation

Seismic Archaeological Survey Companies

  1. SWCA Environmental Consultants
  2. Montgomery Archaeology
  3. Additional References Available Upon Request

Seismic Biological Survey Companies

  1. References Available Upon Request

Airtaxi Customers

  1. State of Utah Wildlife Services
  2. University Research Projects
  3. Blum Western Photography
  4. Teenage Wilderness Experience Camps
  5. Uintah County Utah Search and Rescue
  6. Moffat County Colorado Search and Rescue
  7. Uintah County Sheriffs office
  8. US Fish and Wildlife Service
  9. US Bureau of Land Management
  10. US Geological Survey
  11. High Uintah Mountain Irrigation Companies
  12. Book Cliff Mountain Cattle Companies
  13. Additional References Available Upon Request

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