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The Finest Helicopter Service Money Can Buy!

Based in VERNAL, UTAH. Providing Safe, Dependable HELICOPTER CHARTER and "LONG LINE" CARGO SERVICES for a variety of Customers ANYWHERE in the WESTERN UNITED STATES. Business Established: 1979

Helicopter Charter - Based in Utah, we Can Trailer our Helicopter anywhere in the western United States

We can TRAILER our HELICOPTER ANYWHERE IN THE WESTERN UNITED STATES saving you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in Flight Time TO and FROM your Job Site.     Click Here to visit our Helicopter Trailering Page.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: We charge $5.00 per mile to trailer the helicopter. The job must be a minimum of 40 hours and 200 air miles from Vernal, UT.


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  1. Specializing in long line "SLING LOAD" Helicopter Service in support of SEISMIC OIL and GAS EXPLORATION.
  2. 100 foot or 150 foot long line "Sling Loads." (FAA Part 133  "Class B"  Loads)
  3. 600 - 800 pounds on the remote 3-hook carousel.
  4. Large external load Cargo Baskets/Cargo Racks. (FAA Part 133  "Class A"  Loads)
  5. FAA Certified Helicopter Charter Air Taxi Service.    Established: August 1979.
  6. Passenger & Cargo AIR TAXI. (FAA Part 135  "Air Carrier"  Operations)
  7. Safety first - we train your ground and flight personnel.
  8. Competitive rates & contract terms.
  9. Full passenger and general liability insurance.
  10. 14,000 hour helicopter pilot with A&P mechanic certificate.
  11. Complete ground support helicopter service
  12. Helicopter Service for COLD WEATHER OPERATIONS ... NO PROBLEM!
  13. Wildfire rehabilitation specialist: seed and certified weed free straw broadcasting.
  14. Programmable F.M. radio in the helicopters & service trucks.
  15. "CARDED" to serve government customers.
  16. Wildlife survey and round up specialist.
  17. Aerial hunting & predator control.
  18. Fire fighting: Passengers, cargo, & Bambi Water Bucket.
  19. Search & rescue operations and training.
  20. Law enforcement aerial support.
  21. Aerial photography, sight seeing, movie shooting.
  22. Aerial real estate reconnaissance charter.
  23. Helicopter Service area: WESTERN U.S.A.
  24. We can TRAILER our Helicopter to ANYWHERE in the WESTERN UNITED STATES, SAVING you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for Helicopter Flight Time TO and FROM your job site.

QUESTIONS or SCHEDULING? Call James Richards, Chief Pilot & Director of Operations. Cell Phone Number: (435) 828-7710

Note: We are often out of town on flying jobs and NOT in the office to take your call.


For Faster Response to your calls, please Call my Cell Phone or leave a message on my cell phone Voice Mail.

For further information about our services, please return to the Top of this Page and click on the appropriate link or send us an email at

NOTE: When on working in the field, many times I can NOT receive Email for days at a time. For faster response, please leave me a message on my Cell Phone. 435.828.7710.

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Helicopter Charter Service

James Richards,
   Call for Flight Scheduling and Questions?
Chief Pilot and Director of Helicopter Operations
Cell Phone: (435) 828-7710  


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1385
Vernal, Utah 84078